1. Introduction
2. Warnings
3. Copyright Information
4. Disclaimer
5. Who Am I?
6. Shout Outs

Chapter Two: Before We Start

1. What The Hell Is Telnet?
2. What Was The Original Purpose?
3. What Can I Do With It?
4. Is It Illegal?
5. Will I Go To Jail?
6. Is It Fun?

Chapter Three: Getting Started

1. Possible Targets
2. Is The Target Alive?
3. Scanning For Ports
4. Getting An IP
4.A. Messenger
4.B. Social Engineering It
4.C. Your Firewall

Chapter Four: Connecting

1. Connecting To An IP

Chapter Five: What To Do After Your Connected

1. Doing Something!
2. FTP

Chapter Six: Cracking A Pass

1. Brutus
2. Password Lists
3. Default Passwords

Chapter Seven: FAQ's

1. 'I Get A Blank Screen After Connecting!'
2. 'It Says It Can't Connect! WTF!'
3. 'My Computer Flips Off After Connecting!'
4. 'Where Do I Type My Commands?'
5. 'I Got Arrested!!! Can I Sue You?'

Chapter Eight: Wrapping Up

1. Contact Me
2. TGS



Hey. I decided that my old telnet tutorial was not sufficient, so I
decided to redo it, among all the other work I have to do. This will
provide a step by step method to: Connect to an IP, Connect to a
certain port, Decide if the port is responsive, Find commands that you
can use on this 'Box', Use the commands, Crack a password using
'Brutus', Find Targets, and many other things. It will also include
many pictures that you can use as a reference. Remember, all command
prompts are different, don't be discouraged.


This is a form of hacking. Whether you do or do not damage a computer,
you are committing a felony. Connecting to a computer or something of
the kind without permission is punishable by law and will get you corn
holed in a state prison by a 365 pound, one eared black man by the
name of bubba. You can be held to Criminal, as well as Civil suites
for your actions.

Doing this is a good way to get enemies' also. Remember, there are
hundreds of hacking groups out there, and hundreds of hackers, there's
a chance that you can be fucking with a hacker of a group, and that is
not a fun thing to do.

~`Copyright Information`~

This or any portion of this paper is allowed to be duplicated. You may
host it on your site, as long as it stays intact. Failure to comply
with this will result in swift legal action.


I cannot be held responsible for your actions because of this. I will
not take responsibility. If you don't agree with this, DO NOT READ
FURTHER. I do not condone hacking, as well as any other form of
illegal behavior. Also, you will encounter a number of IP's in this
forum, DO NOT USE ANY OF THEM. The ones I used for demonstration I did
not hurt, and I take no responsibility if you do use them. You have
been warned.

NOTE: I used www.sjms.org (the website of a fine military academy) in
some of my examples. I mean no harm to come to www.sjms.org. I did not
hack www.sjms.org, and I don't recommend you doing it either. I take
no responsibility if you do though.

~`Who Am I?`~

I am Errorised of the www.waushare.com forums. If you'd like to get a hold of me, do
so at koft@habbocommunity.co.uk

~`Shout Outs`~

Hey I'd like to say hello to my good buddies: Wau / Placi / Maki / Unstable /
Phantom / BOOSTER / Chaos Zero / T1M3 / M4K3 / RedFox / Mr.Wolves / h3r3t1c
and whoever else I forgot (due to the pot) These are all buddies, as
well as PSP-Hacks members.


~`What Was The Original Purpose Of Telnet?`~

Telnet was originally made for someone to do all sorts of things. From
checking your mail to connecting to your company's server while on a
business trip, telnet does it all. The makers of

it had a dream in mind that the average person could deal with
command/text based programs. But of course when the masses got into it
and every brother and sister bought a computer,

Windows was made, which totally destroyed most text based programs.
Now fucking idiots run computers and company's with computers, and
can't even deal with a damn telnet program!

~`What Can I Do With It?`~

Although Telnet has died for the business men, it is still growing
quickly with the not-so-trustful person. For the hacker, Telnet is the
hammer in the tool box. Telnet is one of the most

world wide programs among hackers, as well as other fun loving people.
When you finally hit that golden hack after your first long hours of
struggling with telnet (not!), you are god!

You can change other people's passwords, snoop on e-mails, forge dirty
e-mails to ones lover,

~`Is It Illegal?`~

Two words: HELL YES. Hacking is the most illegal thing one can do on
the internet. Do not be mistaken, it's quite illegal.

~`Will I Go To Jail?`~

Only if you're caught. This is why it's good to encrypt your entire
hard rive, if they can't get anywhere in your hard rive, how the hell
are they going to charge you with anything? It is very good to be
paranoid. My computer is a vault. The military runs 1800 bit
encryption tops. The average bit encryption for any given file in my
computer is around 7000, Triple Blowfish encrypted. There's also a
shredder that hides in the startup registry that I made in a batch
file, it hides there and if you don't turn it off within 15 seconds of
starting up, bye bye computer and bye bye evidence. It's always good
to be paranoid.

~`Is It Fun?`~

Despite my comments about jail, it is quite fun. Most hackers do what
they do for the simple thrill of knowing secrets that no ones supposed
to know. Having inside information on people

who they barely know or care about. Knowing top secret information
that only god and the president are supposed to know, now that's fun!


~`Possible Targets`~

A target is a person, place, or thing (kind of like a noun, eh?) in
which you are planning on attacking. A target can be anyone! Common
targets include: Family, Friends, Government, Phone

Company's, and Former Attackers. Normally the first target is a friend
or family member, someone who's not so smart and someone you know for
a fact has no security. Security just gets in the way. '7337' hackers
learn to deal with security, newbie's fall into the trap. So for now
stick with someone easy.

~`Is The Target Alive?`~

Go to command prompt (or Ms-DOS) and type ping (replacing the
zeros for the real IP). If it returns, then the computer is connected
to the internet. If it says that its lost, then the computer offline

~`Scanning For Ports`~

We will be using Blues Port Scanner to scan for ports. You can get
blues port scanner at download.com or www.library.2ya.com. It is about
400 KB, not too big.
You scan an IP for ports by pasting (CTRL V) the IP in both boxes in
the top. This makes it scan only that ip. You then put the selected
range of ports in which you wish to scan.

The more you scan, the more of a chance they will notice your
movements, but do as you please.

~`Getting An IP`~

IP is short for Internet Protocol. Each computer has an IP. Getting
someones IP can be as easy as asking for it. Here's a few ways:


Ok, so you have MSN messenger. Your a 'bad mofo', a 'rough rider', now
its time to get what you need from your victim. The first thing to do
is build trust. It would be wise to do this on someone you know will
trust you enough to buy into your shit. Here's how you get their IP:

1. Send them a file through MSN (or whatever they have). It can be
anything, a game, a dead hamster, a naked picture of yourself,

2. Once they accept, go into Command Prompt and type "netstat".

3. With a bit of hunting and picking you should be able to find their
IP in the box.

Social Engineering:

Social Engineering is a fancy term that people use to discribe smooth
talkers. Social Engineerers are slick, smooth, smart, and know what
their talking about. They get into the part before

attacking, they have great social skills and are easy people to trust.
Social Engineerers build up a nice level of trust, the more the
better, until they get the information they want.
Once, on a SC 'field trip' with a friend of mine, we actually got
dressed up to walk to a payphone and make the attack that we've been
building trust for months. It was worth it.

But anyway, back to the subject.

Usually, all you need to do is ask the person. If they know better
then to give you the IP if you flat out ask them, then they will know
better then if you try to scare it out of them. Get em to go to
ipchicken.com and give you the numbers in the blue letters.

Your Firewall:

If you have a firewall, then chances are you've seen someone trying to
scan you for open ports. If you use Black ICE, all the better. I
suggest you download it at www.library.2ya.com.

What Black ICE does is gather up all the attempts to port probe you,
connect to your computer, or anything else, and stick it in a database
for further use. You can easily pick out targets from the list and use
them for your will.

Double click on the person you wish to get the ip with, and on the
right it gives you the IP AND the DNS! How nice eh?


~`Connecting To An IP`~

Ok, so you've got your list of open ports on the computer. For this
demonstration I'll be using someone who attempted to hack me a while
back. After scanning a few thousand ports, we come up with this list.
Now not all of these allow connections. The ones labeled with a red
box next to them are 'dead' ports for the telnet program. This is
usually because they only communicate using a certain 'language' that
Telnet doesn't support. When you try to connect to these you get a
blank screen with dashs where you try to type (see below). The
listings labeled with a green next to them allow connections and will
talk to you without having to give it a user or pass. The ones labeled
with a blue box next to them means that they are responsive, are not
dead, but they require authentication before your allowed to connect.
If you really need into this computer and they've got password
protected ports, there's a section later in the paper that tells you
how to get in. So anyway, lets focus on the responsive port. This is
unfortunately the SMTP port (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Although
it does not allow a significate amount of access to this persons
computer without knowing advanced things, it does give us a good basis
for a demonstration in Telneting. Below will show you step by step on
how to connect and other things with this port.

1. Connect to the computer by typing "Telnet 25" in Command
Prompt/Ms DOS. You should replace the "" for the IP address you
wish to connect to, and the 25 for the specific port you plan on
connecting to. For this demonstration, I will be using the IP and the port 25. So the command should read "telnet 25". There's no special place to type (as I've received
many e-mails questioning this), when you type, it should show up at
the bottom.

2. Press enter.

Congratulations! You just made your first connection! Although it's
not a quantum leap in the exploration of computer security, it's a

~`Doing Something After You Connect


~`Doing Something!`~

Alright, so you've got your open connection on an open port. It's best
to keep the connection time down to a minimum to reduce them knowing.
I'll now demonstrate on what to do after you're connected.

1. Generically speaking, typing help will give you a list of all the
commands supported for that Box. However, some require you to log on
before doing so, what a drag!
Alright, after typing help this is how it responded.

You see that there's a nice listing of commands you can use. Since
this port is not pass protected, you have no worries about
restrictions. Typing "help" and then the command in which you want
help on will make it elaborate, which is a great feature for a newbie!
This is a pic of me asking it to elaborate on a few things.

2. You can never forget to say "hello". It's quite rude to run through
someone's home (computer) without even introducing yourself. This
young lady was much nicer after I said "helo" to it.

[NOTE: I lost the pics and I'm too fucking lazy to make a helo pic…
I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out]

3. Use the commands in the box to figure out what you want to do.
Since every computer and port is different, it is impossible for me to
show you every single thing you can do. Learn to get off your bum and
ask it what some of the commands mean, its a good learning tool.


You can also connect to port 21 (FTP, or File Transfer Protocol) using
telnet. Typing help will give you a listing that you nee



Brutus is a great Brute Force password cracker. It is easy to use for
the newbie, fast, and reliable. You can find it by doing a search at
www.google.com for "Brutus".

~`Password Lists`~

I'm proud to announce that two of our TGS members, The_IRS and
Computer Geek, have combined many lists and have came out with a
password list with a total of 2.1 passwords. You can download it here:

~`Default Passwords`~

You can find many lists of default passwords for any operating systems
on the web. Doing a search at google.com for "Default Password Lists"
will come in handy. Here is a very good site with many default
passwords that you can access in the meantime:


1. "I Get A Blank Screen After Connecting!"

The port that your connecting to is 'dead', or unusable. This could be
due to a number of different things. For instance, lets say that your
trying to connect to someones computer through telnet, on the kazza
port (which I beleive is 1214). This port is not designed to take
packets (data) from the telnet program, and is specifically designed
to give and receive packets (data) from the kazza program. This could
be one of your problems. Trying to connect to a backdoor for a Sub7
program will also do the same.

2. "It Says I Can't Connect! WTF!"

This is because the port is either closed, or the computer is firewall
protected. As a newbie I wouldn't suggest messing with it.

3. "My Computer Flips Off After Connecting!"

I'll bet money your using Windows. You are aren't ya? I knew it! This
is a Windows Dump File. Either update Windows, get Linux, or forget

4. "Where Can I Type My Commands?"

Type a few letters to see where they commands will show up. Most
likely it will be at the bottom of the Command Prompt/MS DOS screen.

5. "I Got Arrested!!! Can I Sue You?"

NO! You read my disclaimer at the top. I don't care who you are, I'm
not taking responsibility.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch man, this was a good start for my telnet research. Unfortunately, a lot of your links are dead, so I feel like I didn't get the full lesson. No worries though ^^

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Hello, How you encrypt your whole hard disk. Can you explain more about it, which software you use for that.

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Question will this work for a mobile ip? Like a ip assigned to a mobile phone?

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followed your tutorial but still not able to telnet single machine .. dont understand what is the problem .

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hey plz help me when iam connected with telnet it shows blank and i cannot see what i type

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