First We need to install Bitvise Tunnelier software (required)
And and SSH host Account (or SSH File Save)
- You can download the Tunnelier for FREE at
- Then install it on your PC
Download Link:

- Here I show how to use SSH Sock with a SSH File Save
- That is SSH File Save, open it. With SSH File Save you no need to do anything than run it by click Login
- before using just check what port of the SSH File Save
Click Services and see what port ^^... here is 7210
- OK now run the SSH File Save by click Login
- OK and it said succeeded. (we successfully connected with SSH host account)

Now change your Browser Setting to use with SSH to fake your IP
(we can Minimize the SSH File Save).
- In browser, at SOCKS HOST (Sock IP) must always use:
- And the Port is the SSH Port. Sock type is SOCK5
- Then check our IP after faking at
- And we have done ^^

Remember keep the SSH File Save run and how to know the SSH run or NOT? It's very simple, just look the small icon of the SSH Sock at the Taskbar ...
When you need to remove faking SSH Sock, just simply do as me ... And we have done


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