What is rooting? Many ask this question, it can be explained simply, The hacking you see in those bad "H@cker" flicks. "Yo, DeepSeven, Im inside the FBI's Super-mega-Secret Mainframe,Yeah", "OK 0Nine, Crack the GRAPLAP encryption with a reverse hybrid mega crack." Yeah stuff like that, Breaking directly into another Computer.Heres some terms to understand me and my tutorials better,

Some Terms I use but not nessasaily other people

Foo-Total mastery of a Subject; A Fucking Fly Hack; Note not even I have performed a root-attack worthy of "Foo". Like Better then "Deep Magic"

Blue Moon - An Easy Hack, Someone with no firewall and or filesharing enabled

Red Moon - An almost impossible hack, a hack with almost no known Vulnerabilities

Terminology Everyone Uses -

Vuln/Exploit -A Coding error which allows remote access

Service - A non-temporal running program which may open sockets to the internet etc.

Rootkit - A Almost-indetectable Backdoor

Things to Keep in Mind before rooting -
1. ALL Systems connected to the internet can be rooted

2. Rooting is Difficult

3.Rooting Can be Fun

4.Though most of the time it sucks

5.There is always a Hacker who can school you

6. Advanced Rooting NEEDS knowledge of C and if you like C++

7. Other languages are helpful too

8. Rooting can be very difficult to understand.

Systems You COULD probably Root

-Your School
-Your Local Government
-Your Mom
-Any Computer run by a retard

Systems you probably COULD NOT root

-The Pentagon
-The CIA
-Any Computer which is not connected to the internet

Thats a nominal intro to the world of Rooting


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